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On the website you will find information about  the town: its buildings, trees and other features, and important planning proposals and decisions. Look on this Home Page for news of current issues and the Society’s forthcoming events. Click here for our Sevenoaks Society Summer magazine.

 The Sevenoaks Society: for the Conservation and Improvement of the Town

Sevenoaks is a fortunate town. Surrounded on the east by the great deer park of Knole, on the south and west by remnants of the great Wealden forest, and looking north over the beautiful Darenth valley, it is no more than a half-hour journey to London or to Gatwick Airport and an hour’s drive to the Channel ports.

It is a place worth conserving and improving and that is what the Sevenoaks Society stands for.  The society is an association of local people who care about the character and appearance of the town and its surroundings. We are not against development, indeed the town has developed in many different ways since it was established as a market town in the 12th century. We try to influence the quality and scope of development proposals with the assistance of the town’s residents.

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The Sevenoaks Society is an independent and impartial association of local people which seeks to influence proposals and decisions on the conservation and development of Sevenoaks and its buildings, natural surroundings and infrastructure for the long-term benefit of the community and the protection of its heritage.

Our objectives are to help safeguard what is valuable, and to promote actions and developments that will lead to improvement in the character and appearance of the town and the well-being of its community.

The residents of Sevenoaks are said to amongst the happiest in Britain. We aim to keep it that way, so that the town remains a pleasant and attractive town to live and work in, and to visit.

The Summer magazine has been distributed by mail. The email version will follow shortly. Apologies for the date error on the Charities Fayre in the Sevenoaks Festival. This will take place in the Vine Gardens on Saturday 30th June, see page 6, and NOT on 23rd June as on the back cover.