The Sevenoaks Society: for the Conservation and Improvement of the Town The Sevenoaks Society is an independent and impartial association of local people which seeks to influence proposals and decisions on the conservation and development of Sevenoaks and its buildings, natural surroundings and infrastructure for the long-term benefit of the community and the protection of its heritage.

Our aim is to ensure that all planning decisions are:

  • taken after full and careful consideration of local concerns and implications for traffic, the environment and other impacts
  • in harmony with Sevenoaks’ character and the best of its buildings
  • of a high standard in terms of both in design, execution and sustainability.

The primary responsibility for ensuring this rests with the relevant local authorities and agencies, but they need the challenge and support of an informed and alert public opinion. This the Society seeks to create and represent.

We therefore:

  • promote high standards of town planning, architecture, and building design, construction and care
  • seek to influence planning strategy and policy
  • act as watchdog, monitoring and scrutinising proposals and plans for development
  • submit our comments and recommendations to the local authorities and other relevant parties
  • aim to be consulted before decisions are taken, and to be represented on relevant committees, working parties and other bodies
  • publicly raise issues of concern where necessary through statements, the media, meetings, campaigns and other means
  • research, record and aim to protect our most notable buildings
  • celebrate the best of what we have, and welcome change that leads to improvement
  • encourage people to look appreciatively and critically at their surroundings with particular emphasis on what others have done well elsewhere.
We also:
  • promote the protection of the landscape and biodiversity of the area, including its trees
  • hold monthly walks in the neighbourhood and try to ensure that local footpaths and rights of access are kept open
  • organise an annual programme of talks, visits and special events.
  • publish articles, books and other material of local interest.