Our Achievements Making a Difference 

Much of our work is “behind the scenes” as we monitor and scrutinise development proposals and make representations as appropriate on schemes, designs and a range of planning issues. Because of our experience, efforts and expertise, and, importantly, our non-political nature, the Society is recognised as an objective and influential body that operates impartially for the benefit of the community as a whole. Our views and suggestions are respected by the authorities and the media, our opinions sought; and evidence shows that over time we have had a significant impact in helping to preserve the best of the town and to improve it through change that is beneficial and in keeping with its unique character. Raising Awareness One of our roles is to promote understanding, pride and commitment by increasing awareness of Sevenoaks’ historic buildings, townscape and heritage, the trees and landscape that are such an essential part of our environment, and the risks and threats that they face. Provoking Action We have an important role in being vigilant and drawing attention to issues that need addressing and action by others. These include

  • the impact of HGVs on the town especially the Upper High Street
  • the piecemeal changes to London Road
  • unsightly and inappropriate developments and derelict sites: for example by the main railway station at Tubs Hill
  • badly thought through and hasty decisions.

Recording our Heritage 

Several of our activities and projects document our past and record the present:

  • Creating an official record of the town’s significant buildings that are not listed nationally (“The Local List”)
  • Recording and photographing the most remarkable trees in the locality, culminating in the highly successful exhibition at Knole in 2014
  • Maintaining a record of the buildings in the centre of the town (“Town Centre Survey”)
  • Establishing for posterity a large photographic archive of the town and its buildings, people and events.

Achieving Results 

Click here for more examples of our activities and successes. We do not always achieve what we and others might wish. But through our commitment and determination, we certainly do try!