Our Concerns


  • scrutinise planning and development proposals and projects that have a material impact on the town and submit our comments and recommendations to the relevant planning bodies
  • examine national and local planning policies, practices and decisions and respond with our own opinions where appropriate
  • consider the overall impact on the town of planning applications, decisions and conditions
  • liaise with and have representation on other bodies including the Sevenoaks Town Partnership and the Sevenoaks Conservation Council


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  • help to record and protect our historic and other notable buildings and draw attention to any matters that might affect them
  • raise awareness of our town’s architecture and built heritage
  • recognise innovative design and construction that are in keeping with the character of the town and purpose of the development
  • seek to influence action regarding empty buildings (including our shops), derelict sites, inappropriate trends and fragmented development
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Landscape and Environment

  • walk the network of traditional footpaths around the town and monitor rights of way to ensure they are kept open and free from obstacle
  • organise monthly walks in the countryside around Sevenoaks, open to all
  • help to record and protect notable trees and woodland in the town and its surroundings
  • monitor developments that may have an adverse impact on the special character of the town’s landscape, natural surroundings and biodiversity
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  • monitor the impact of traffic on the town and consider how traffic flow might be improved for the benefit of the community
  • raise awareness of problems such as the effect of HGVs on our streets, and propose solutions
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Photographs courtesy Liz Bradney


Talks and Special Events

  • hold regular talks on local topics of interest, open to all
  • mount exhibitions
  • organise special events, such as visits to notable places and buildings
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Publications and Publicity

  • stock for sale various products including postcards, books, walk guides and films about the town
  • help to publicise the attractions of the town, for example though our sponsorship of video screens
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Archives and Records

  • maintain a collection of 2500 photographs, postcards and other images of the town and district, from 1860 to the present day
  • maintain a unique record and set of photographs of our remarkable trees
  • establish a database of notable buildings within the town
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  • respond as best we can to enquiries about the town and its buildings, and to concerns raised by members or the public about planning and development issues.
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