Sunday 30 July 2017. Walk 31. Meet in layby at road junction where B2188 forks ¾ mile south of Penshurst. Grid reference 523427. The walk is 6 miles with easy going. It goes to Poundbridge and Speldhurst. Leader Nick White

Sunday 20 August 2017. Walk 17. Meet on the green at Leigh, grid reference 550465. The walk is 4¾ miles to Powder Mills, River Medway and Haysden Lake. The going is easy. Leader Howard Beckford

Sunday 24 September 2017. Meet in the road opposite The Chaser at Shipbourne, grid reference 593523. The walk is 5 miles with easy going to the east and south of Shipbourne. Leader Velma Keys

Sunday 29 October 2017.  Walk 41. Meet in Church Street, Edenbridge, TN8 5BD, on the south side of the church, grid reference 445462. The walk is 4½ miles with easy going but it can be muddy in places. It goes to Delaware Farm and Marsh Green. Leader Peter Ashwell

Sunday 26 November 2017. Walk 43. Meet by the church in Cowden. The walk is 4 miles on the Sussex Border Path then to Cowden Station and Pyle Gate Farm. It can be muddy in places. Leader Howard Beckford