Town Survey Update 1998/2001:

Bank Street: Sheet nine

Building(s): 4 & 4A Photo: F17


No. 4A – Central Meat Company warehouse in 1903.

Current Use:

4 4A bank st F17

No. 4 – First Stage Children’s clothes and dancewear

No. 4A – Penny Royal – gift shop


No. 4

Bitty unlisted building with poor fascia; high ground floor window with heavy vermicelli surround; and large, 16 pane sash window above. Power cable and other frontal clutter.

No. 4A

Flat roof with tile creasing at roof level of façade. Original arch. Brickwork rendered and painted with ashlar effect. A good building, unlisted, with clear links to past use. Oral advice is that the arch formerly led into the yard of No 4.


This building is next to what was the schoolroom of the Methodist complex

Importance: B/C

Not included in previous survey.