Town Survey Update 1998/2001:


Photo(s): F18, F19, F6 & F7 (Bank Street) E35, E4 & E5 (Dorset Street)


6 Bank Street – Home Market

8 & 10 Bank Street – Pauline Lovell

3c Dorset Street – Aplins restaurant, then Pizza Piazza

Current Use:

6 8 10 12 bank st f18

6 Bank Street – Myrrh – gifts

6 8 10 12 bank st F19

8 & 10 Bank Street – Great Haul of China

12 Bank Street – Pollo restaurant (On first floor)

36 dorset st E35

4A Dorset St E34

14 bank st F7

14 Bank Street – Alan Streek men’s outfitters

3c dorset st F6

3c Dorset Street – Pizza Organic (formerly Aplins restaurant)

3b Dorset Street – H Samuel jewellers


This group of buildings consists of a former Methodist chapel, school and accommodation for ministers and teachers. (Described in these notes as “The Methodist complex.)

This unlisted complex forms a broad corner between Bank Street and Dorset Street, and faces the former County Court and Corn Market. It has a central position in the town and a variety of commercial enterprises have been inserted into the structure, leaving the first floor and roofs little changed. The resulting complex of styles and uses is important to the town centre. It therefore seems appropriate to cover in one section of these notes the original structure and the present occupiers in both streets.

The complex was built in the mid 19th century in local ragstone. Quoins in the chapel are stone; those in the school hall are of cheaper rendered brick. There is evidence that the chapel roof was raised at some stage, perhaps to accommodate the insertion of steel beams.

Shops had been inserted into the former school hall by 1903. This probably links with the opening of the new Methodist Church and halls in The Drive.

Importance: A/B

Not included in previous survey.