The Society’s archives are not only a record of the Society’s activities since its foundation over 60 years ago, but also a valuable treasure-trove of memories of Sevenoaks past and present. On this web-site they are organised into three sections:

The first section enables access to past news items and other material posted on the site that is no longer current, by clicking on the relevant heading. Look here also for media coverage, press releases and other publicity items.

The second part of our archives comprises the official documents of the Society, charting its activities and achievements: newsletters, important correspondence, reports from its various sections and the like, many of which have been placed on the web-site.

Our large collection of memorabilia contains hundreds of images of the town and surrounding areas. The collection consists of photographs, postcards, prints, other pictures, albums and documents from the late 19th century to the present day. As well as being fascinating in their own right, they provide a lasting record of how Sevenoaks has changed over the years. Some images are available in digital format: these web pages contain a small selection and from time to time we will add more, and also articles using some of this valuable archive material.