Town Survey Update 1998/2001:

Dorset Street within Methodist Complex

Dorset Street: Sheet fifteen

Building: 3b

Current Use:

36 dorset st E35

36 dorset st F5

H Samuel


This building occupies the far southern end of the chapel and the clergy house. The corner turning is an oblique angle, and a very short side, including a clock appears at the left hand side of No 3b (Pizza Organic). The heads of three windows in the chapel can be seen above right hand side of the shop front. The gable end and three lancet windows in the former clergy house stand above the left hand side of the shop front and there is what appears to be a modern window infilling between the two original buildings.

The wall alongside the alley between this building and No 3a shows evidence of an external staircase

The shop has been occupied by a succession of jewellers since at least 1907. The current window itself is typical of the 1950s or 60s. It has recently been refurbished with a loss of the period feel.


Importance: A/B

Not included in previous survey.