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Jim Purves and Victoria Granville-Baxter

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 Sevenoaks Heritage Exhibition June - July 2019:

The Exhibition took place in Kaleidoscope Gallery.. Forming part of the 50th Sevenoaks Summer Festival, it consisted of a stunning visual display of the 900 year history of Sevenoaks with photographs, paintings and original artwork which included the town’s iconic landmarks. The accompanying slideshow offers highlights of the exhibition.

The exhibition showed the diversity of Sevenoaks' distinguished heritage. It covered Knole and the historic town centre, the old landed estates, farms, public houses, industry, schools, churches and the town’s expansion following the arrival of the railway. We need to protect and enhance the features and the characteristics that make Sevenoaks distinctive. But we also need to encourage and recognise buildings and projects which demonstrate excellence in design and construction quality and make a positive impact on the Town.

Throughout, the exhibition was extremely well attended. The Visitors’ Book had some 300 entries in it. The overwhelming majority of visitor comments was extremely appreciative with a number expressing the wish that the exhibition be repeated. One estimate of attendees shows in excess of 1,500 people. Sevenoaks Visual Arts Forum who hosted the event in the Kaleidoscope Galley kindly texted their own comments as below:

“It's been a pleasure to host the Heritage Exhibition and see the Gallery filled with enthusiastic Sevenoaks people of all generations…. Now all the hard work has been done, we think you should preserve the content (boards) with a view to potentially showing again in the Kaleidoscope Gallery, maybe as a Biennial event at different times of the year.

You should all congratulate yourselves on a fantastic project that has brought Sevenoaks history to life and intrigued the many visitors. We are sure there are a lot of locals and visitors who have increased their appreciation of Sevenoaks from their newly informed stance.” 

The exhibition panels and accompanying book were compiled by a small Steering Group - Geraldine Tucker with Elizabeth Purves, Keith Wade, Victoria Granville Baxter (exhibition & book designer) and Veronica Coath (photographs). Additional material on safeguarding our heritage was provided by John Stambollouian. Roger Lee, Ed Thompson and Graham Usher kindly provided further photographs. Roger FitzGerald notably painted a number of pictures specifically for the exhibition as well as the wrap around book cover which is the iconic image of Sevenoaks Vine cricket ground.  

A key part of the exhibition’s success is due to the Society members themselves. Some members kindly loaned exhibition artefacts - George and Joanna Comer gaver permission to display their lovely old King Charles I Bible and prayer book which had belonged to the Austen family. Other members helped as volunteer stewards. The volunteer stewards were an essential part of the exhibition and were amazing throughout, crucially enabling the exhibition to be manned each day. Not only did they interact well with exhibition visitors by, among other things, answering visitors’ questions, selling exhibition books and inviting people to leave comments in the Visitors’ Book, they also enjoyed the task. Other members played equally vital roles either with behind the scenes activity installing and taking down the exhibition or turning up with their friends and families to support events as well as visiting the exhibition itself.

This has been a community exhibition which has appealed to every generation. The accompanying book – “Sevenoaks: A Remarkable Town” - which is co-authored by Elizabeth Purves, Geraldine Tucker & Keith Wade was launched. This was followed by archaeologist Nathalie Cohen’s extremely interesting talk on the National Trust’s recent Knole restoration project. Bob Ogley also gave a highly successful talk on ‘Old Sevenoaks’. Geraldine Tucker gave formal guided tours to Sir Michael Fallon MP, and to schools. Well over 100 school children attended the exhibition. Geraldine also gave a formal guided tour to over 15 Rockdale residents.

In addition to the Society’s usual methods of publicising its events and talks, a feature this year has been the use of social media instigated to publicise and inform Twitter users of the exhibition’s events and its progress. SVAF joined in with this process additionally using Instagram and so did the Town Council and others. The use of social media is a highly effective way of publicising events and activities

The accompanying book ‘Sevenoaks: A Remarkable Town’ is still available in Sevenoaks Bookshop, for £14.95, or from the Society () at the special price of £10.

 Geraldine Tucker