Monthly Meeting


Sevenoaks Battles - Nick White

10-04-2024 8:00 pm

Most members will know Nick as the author of our very popular series of local walks. What is less well known is his military background. He comes from an army family. His forebears took part in the Crimean War, the Boer War and the two world wars as well as a number of more minor conflicts. His brother parachuted into Suez in 1956. Nick duly became a soldier and joined his regiment in Germany a week after the Berlin Wall went up. He left the regular army after three years, after which he spent six years in the territorials.

He now runs a military history group for Sevenoaks U3A and has given annual presentations to the group for the past twenty years.

We look forward to hearing some of Sevenoaks’s military history.


The Beatles in Kent (including Sevenoaks) - Ian Hooper

08-05-2024 8:00 pm

An illustrated talk about the historical connections between the greatest rock band of all time and The Garden of England (including Sevenoaks).

 Ian Hooper is a recently retired Management Consultant and an amateur guitarist/musician, occasionally appearing in an Electro-acoustic duo called Darkside.  He has been a lifelong fan of The Beatles and started researching their connections with Sevenoaks and Kent as a Covid lock-down project. He created the Beatles in Kent website as a response to the lack of information and sometimes misinformation that he found on the internet about this important piece of social history.


SOE – Special Operations Executive – Churchill’s Secret Army - Gilly Halcrow

23-10-2024 8:00 pm

A tribute to the brave men and women agents who were parachuted behind enemy lines to ‘Set Europe Ablaze’. Their training and some of the missions, whilst some achieved amazing success, others ended in betrayal, concentration camps and death – all so young.


Anti-colonial protestor on a post imperial plinth: John Chilembwe in Trafalgar Square - Professor David Killingray

13-11-2024 8:00 pm

Why are monuments and memorials erected to people, invariably men? Why are many streets named after people from the past?  Who has agency to do this, and how long should monuments, memorials, street and building names remain in place?  When should monuments be taken down or used for another purpose?   These are old questions given new life with recent arguments over Britain’s imperial past and whether monuments to Rhodes and Colston ‘must go’.  This talk will include another point of dissension, the new temporary monument displayed on the Fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square to John Chilembwe, an African protestor to British colonial rule.  And as part of that ongoing debate, we could consider the merits and otherwise of monuments and memorials in Sevenoaks, or their absence.