Town Survey Update 1998/2001

High Street East: Sheet four

Building: 54 Photo: B3


Originally built in 1728 and 1834 (deeds) initially as residence, lease in 1836 – ‘newly erected messuage’. Plain rendered front wall covered in ‘mock Tudor’ timber frames, large window fitted. Ridged roof raised to two gables over street in 1909. Archway under part to Old Post Office Yard behind. Rebuilt for Sevenoaks Chronicle in 1983.

Printer – Sevenoaks Press – 1850 to 1908

Current Use:


Sevenoaks Chronicle moved from 66 High Street in 1888 and remains to date.


Symmetrical brick building on three floors, rebuilt in 1983 with Nos. 56 to 62 as part of Waitrose development. Ground floor single entrance door on left hand side set back from rear of pavement with two square windows adjacent all in bronze finish metal and in brick on edge framing, part of whole elevation treatment.

First floor four square windows in centre of elevation with two rectangular windows on each side, all white.

Second floor similar arrangement of windows although not so tall and with semi-circular windows, divided in two over centre pairs below. Windows bottom hung opening inwards.

Roof plain tiles with brick parapets to sides and front elevation with pointed central apex and all capped with pre-cast concrete coping.

‘Sevenoaks Chronicle’ in white raised lettering below first floor window.


Modern style building although not entirely in scale or respecting details of relationship which tend to be rather coarser, nevertheless not unacceptable.

Importance: C

Not included in previous survey.