Town Survey Update 1998/2001

High Street East: Sheet ten

Building(s): 68 and 68A Photo: E24


An 1828 engraving shows two Georgian door arches on carved pillars and between 1867 and 1880 it appeared that two buildings were joined to give an ‘L’ shape, a three storey brick building capped by a parapet and with large double-hung sash windows with small glass panes.

Butchers – Jennings – 1860 to 1887

Burkett – 1887 to 1901

Rush – 1901 to 1909

Robinson – 1909 to 1951

In 1950’s the building was demolished and rebuilt as two shops in brick on three floors with a pitched roof but without parapet.

No. 68

Hardware Store – Mence Smith – 1956 to 1957

Footwear – A Jones – 1963 to 1999 (see photograph E24)

No. 68A

Confectioner – Finlay – 1956 to 1957

Jeweller – Eric Kemp – 1957 to 1980 (later Michael Whitcombe)

Current Use:

68 68a high st E24

No. 68B – The Linen House

No. 68A – Michael Whitcombe


Modern, 1950’s building on three floors, the upper floors being Neo-Georgian style with single moulded concrete lintel over two shops.

Ground floor, each shop has modern shop front with single entrance doors in centre set back from rear of pavement and plain artificial stone/concrete full storey height pilaster at each end.

No. 68B

Metal framed shop front with low stall riser and medium depth fascia over striped blind and concealed case.

No. 68A

Metal framed shop front splayed to offset single door on medium height tiled stall riser. Voluminous, curved and ribbed deep canopy over with ‘Michael Whitcombe Jewellers’ in elegant white lettering on lower edge.

First and second floors each have two pairs of evenly and symmetrically spaced sash windows with glazing bars. Those on first floor have moulded artificial stone surrounds, cills and sub-cill panels. Those on second floor are set in brickwork with flat rubbed header brick lintels and artificial stone key stones.

Roof clay plain and ridge tiles, black plastic gutter on painted timber eaves with curved soffit.


Neat, undistinguished building.

Importance: B/C

Not included in previous survey.