Town Survey Update 1998/2001

High Street East: Sheet seventeen

Building(s): 78 & 78A Photo: E20


Originally, this building was double fronted and incorporated a wide archway to the south from the street into Hills Yard behind. Earliest photographs, 1850/60, show shop front extended forward with a bay over it capped by a tiled gable and two dormers to an attic above two storeys.

After front and gable had been removed and archway built-in in 1918, a deep fascia was fitted which was found in 1982 covered six ancient shouldered windows in blocks of three, the most southerly window had been over the archway.

Building changed considerably over the years before demolition and rebuilding in 1984 (January to October).

Grocer – R Stains – 1840 to 1849

Broadbridge – 1849 to 1882

Grocer and wine merchant – Pool – 1882 to 1891

Wood’s Mineral Waters


R Stiles and R A Stiles – 1891 to 1914

E J Payne – 1914 to 1919

Shop renovated 1919 to 1920, double front being converted to two and a third formed by infilling Hill’s archway.

Fishmonger – The Fisheries – 1920 to 1923

General stores – Direct Food Stores – 1923 to 1924

Bank – Barclays – 1924 to 1931

Jewellers – Sevenoaks Goldsmiths – 1933 to 1937

Stevenson’s New Jewellers – 1938 to 1939

Ladies fashions – Philpotts – 1941

Undertakers – Francis Chappell

Jewellers – Campbell

E Kemp – 1951 to 1957

Greengrocers – Lou Barry and Bill Terry – 1957 to 1984

No. 78A

Stationers and Toys – J H Lorimer Limited – 1930 to date

(with No. 76 served meals upstairs in Blue Bird Café to 1937)

Current Use:

78 78a high st E20

J H Lorimer Limited


Two storey building, rebuilt 1984, with deep brown plain tile roof hipped at north end (left hand side).

Ground floor shop front divided into five full height bays in heavy bronze framework, without separate stall risers. Single doors, opening outwards, in bays two and four, the former having two shallow steps up from back of pavement. Red/brown brick on end lintel full width of shop front opening with similar brick to piers at each end.

First floor, in multi red/brown brick with two large three light windows set symmetrically over bays two and four on ground floor with brick on end cills and lintels. Robust style raised lettering ‘J H Lorimer’ below windows.


Undistinguished building in which the blanked off out-of-scale windows is regretted.

Importance: D

Not included in previous survey.