Town Survey Update 1998/2001

High Street West: Sheet seven

Building(s): 57 and 59 Photo: A6


Late 18th century Grade II listed building(s), erected pre. 1790 as a single house or pair of cottages with No. 61 and one other adjacent to No. 61, and all similar in design with ground floor bay windows and grills in bay walls to ventilate cellars below. No. 61 demolished around 1909 and present building erected, no history as to when adjoining building demolished.

No. 57

Fruiterer – Surby – in early days, dates unknown

– Crabb – 1891 to 1920

Grocer and greengrocer – Gray – 1926 to 1930

Boots and shoes – Beehive Stores – 1903 to 1957 (subsidiary of Outrams) with no. 59

Florists – Craze – 1957 to 1968 + to 19.. with No. 59

Beds and mattresses – Back to Sleep – 1968 + to 19..

Antiques and Crafts – Peppercorns – 19.. to 19.. (see photograph A6)

Restaurant – Tortellini – 19.. to 1998

No. 59

Tailor – Wood – 1839 to 1841

Hairdresser – Stevenson – 1841 to 1898

Boots and shoes – Beehive Stores – 1891 to 1957

Florists – Craze – 1957 to 1968 + see No. 57

Current Use:

57 59 high st A6

Spice Club Restaurant with offices on upper floors


Late 18th century two storey building with two window façade in first floor of stucco.

Ground floor, two bay shop front on each side of central pair of white painted glazed single doors, left hand shop front full height glazing divided in four, right hand shop front similar but divided in two, both with thin elegant vertical glazing bars and set on medium height painted brick/rendered stall riser. Full width, medium depth fascia over with half round gutter and projecting slightly forward of main façade.

First floor, painted stucco façade with two widely spaced six pane sash windows in white painted moulded frames taking up almost full height between fascia to shops and eaves to main roof.

South side wall tile hung with plain clay tiles on two upper floors over brick on ground floor.

Roof, steeply pitched clay tile with lead flashed coping and junction with south wall of No. 61 and moulded cornice supporting half round gutter at eaves. Two six pane sash window dormers with lead flashed roofs and cheeks widely spaced over first floor windows. Modern style brick chimney centrally on ridge and capped with plain and corbelled courses and double clay flues.


Attractive building(s) which could be improved by work to dormers, including replacing wide lead aprons by lead soakers and a deeper cornice.

Importance: A

Not included in previous survey.