Town Survey Update 1998/2001

High Street West: Sheet thirty seven/eight

Building: 99 Photo: A32


Much of the original 16th century building remains, although little of the framing is exposed externally, the face having been covered by lightly incised stucco and the original overhanging jetties have been under-built. The attractive tiled hipped dormer was changed by 1930 to a plain lead covered flat roofed one.

Before 1867 the shop front was a square bay with small glass panes. Large steps led up from the pavement to the front door with a possible square manhole in the pavement outside and, prior to 1875, a ventilation hole in the plinth supporting the old shop windows. An old cellar exists below No. 99 with brick steps up to a cellar light let into the pavement. It is possible that No. 99 was a public house known as ‘The King’s Arms’ in 16th and 17th centuries.

Clothing and Equipment, including fancy items, drapery, boots and various items – Sevenoaks Clothing Company – 1864 to 1921

Ladies and Gentlemen’s Hairdresser – French – 1924 to 1931

Dyers and Cleaners – Eastman – 1945 to 1968

– Flinn – 1975 to 1982

Charity Shop – Cheshire Homes – 1975 to 1982 with Flinn

Record Shop – Spinning Disc – 1982

Gift Shop – Saffron – 1982 to 1997

Complete renovation by Millest & Partners in 1997 prior to occupation to form part of No. 101.

Current Use:

99 high st A32

Millest & Partners


A Grade II Listed building, possibly 17th century framed structure on two storeys and dormer.

Ground floor, moulded timber shop front in four bays, three full height display windows and one single entrance door, off centre left. Moulded timber pilasters frame the shop front with display windows on low rendered stall riser and shallow depth full width timber fascia over with modest lettering ‘Millest & Partners’.

First floor, stucco elevation with single, three light casement window offset right and tight against eaves.

Roof, plain clay tile and ridge with single lead covered flat roofed dormer, felted cheeks and two light casement set over first floor window. Half round gutter on boxed timber eaves. Brick stack to left.


Eccentric location of first floor window and dormer, neither of merit but shop front and whole building much improved and cherished following renovation by current occupants.

Importance: A

Not included in previous survey.