Town Survey Update 1998/2001

High Street West: Sheet forty seven/eight

Building: 109 and 111 Photo: D18


Originally understood to have been the site of a tavern since the mid 17th century when known as the ‘Hand and Penn’ until after about 1720 and subsequently known as the ‘Homesdale Tavern’. Likely to have been a two storey structure similar to adjacent properties but known to have had a rendered façade in 1865. Demolished and rebuilt in 1929/1930 with mock tudor panelling overall and later refaced in 1958 with brick panels under three gabled elevation facing street and replacing the earlier dormers.

Taverns – Hand and Penn – c. 1662 to 1720 +

Homesdale Tavern – 1720 + to 1929/58

No. 109 Television Hire – Visionhire – ? 1958 to 1981 +

No. 111 Wine Merchants – Victoria Wine Co. Ltd – ? 1958 to 1998 (see photograph D18)

At the foot of the page is a photograph from the 1981 survey.

Current Use:

109 111 high st D18

No. 109 – Andrews Estate Agents

No. 111 – Thorntons plc (Chocolate Shop)


Two storey building with modern façade of three equal width gables to first floor and on ground floor No. 109 taking up just over one third of overall frontage with No. 111 taking the remainder.

No. 109 Ground floor, timber framed shop front with full height glazed display window and single glazed entrance door set back on right hand side with glazed fanlight over. Right hand entrance reveal panelled timber with left hand side glazed. Medium low moulded timber stall riser. Fluted timber pilasters at each end of façade, stepped out at lower edge of fascia and with painted lead capping. Deep panelled full width fascia with lead flashed coping and bold lettering ‘Andrews’.

No. 111 Ground floor, timber framed shop front with full height glazed display windows with glazed timber double doors off centre left and slightly ramped up from rear of pavement. Full height glazed timber panels on each side of recess to doors. Deep timber stall risers to windows, top half panelled, bottom plain, matching doors. Very deep plain framed fascia with large sloping lettering ‘Thorntons’ and small ‘medallions’ of gold lettering at each end.

Three pronounced gable dormers with timber facings and vertical members from lower point of each gable to top of fascia boards, between gables and at each end of elevation. Each gable has shaped metal window into apex and cills level with eaves to No. 113 and below gable level. Windows divided in three with solid panes on each side of central horizontal pivot windows. Brick panels below windows in English bond with prominent joints.

Roof, plain clay tiles and ridge.


An unattractive building, an unsuccessful attempt to pick up on the character of the adjacent properties, the upper floor in particular being out of scale. A replacement of building is recommended.

Importance: C/D

Included in previous survey.

1981 survey

113 115 High Street w