Town Survey Update 1998/2001

High Street West: Sheet sixty seven

Building(s): 143a, 143b and 143c Photo(s): D2, D3 and D4


Following the demolition of Oastfield House, Dr. Gordon Ward’s House, at the corner of the High Street with Pembroke Road, No. 143 was erected in 1937.

Garden shop – Redgrove and Patrick – 1949 to 1951

Department Store – Co-Operative Society – 1951 to 1962 (occupied part)

No. 143a

Electrical Goods – Currys – 1937 to 1975 +

Pound World – 1981 to 1995

Wine Bar – Wine Cellar – 1995 to 2001

No. 143b

Optician – Lee Cyril – 1940 to 1957

Department Store – Co-Operative Society – 1957 to 1962

No. 143c

Tailors – Fifty Shilling Tailors – 1937 to 1955

John Collier – 1956 to 1981 +

Hardware – Sevenoaks Hardware – 1981 + to 1995

At the foot of the page is a photograph from the 1981 survey.

Current Use:

143a 143b 143c high st D4

No. 143a – Caffé Piccolo – restaurant, flats above with rear access

143a 143b 143c high st D3

No. 143b – Wilkinson – Opticians, flats above with rear access

143a 143b 143c high st D2

No. 143c – Choice Cards, flats above with rear access


Modern three storey building with seven window façade on upper floors and double width shop frontages on each side of one single shop front under flat roof.

No. 143a

Ground floor, shop front painted timber framed with single glazed entrance door slightly off-centre right with six single pane glazed sliding folding doors to left and two pane display window to right, the latter on medium/low timber panelled stall riser. Solid panel fanlight over single door with three single pane and two single pane glazed fanlights to left and right respectively and all at door head level. Full width medium depth white painted framed fascia with raised top lit company style logo lettering ‘Caffé Piccolo’ in centre over full wdith retractable dark green awning, matching shop front. Top lit projecting sign on fascia to right.

No. 143b

Ground floor, light aluminium framed shop front with single entrance door off-set left and fanlight over and narrow full height single pane display window to left and wide full height single pane display window to right. Shop front framed between plain narrow pilasters and all raised on low kerb. Deep full width white fascia with lead flashings, horizontal V shaped feature over door and large lower case lettering ‘Wilkinsons’ over right hand display.

No. 143c

Ground floor, bronze metal framed corner shop front with glazed double entrance doors offset to left on High Street elevation with single pane display windows on returns each side, single medium width display window to left and wide single pane display window to right. Narrow display window at 45 degrees on corner and two single pane medium width display windows on return facing Pembroke Road. All display windows full height on low brick stall riser. Over deep fascia with over large lettering ‘SUPREME CHOICE’ on mid-green background to both High Street and Pembroke Road facades.

No. 143a/b/c

First and second floors, bland brick façade with string courses of whole bricks-on-end over windows and half bricks-on-end below windows and heavy lead flashed moulded projecting concrete cornice with plain entablature below. Windows to each floor comprise two double and one single casement over No. 143a, one three light and one two light casement windows each with two and one fanlights respectively over No. 143b and two three light casements with fanlights in centre of each over No. 143c.


An undistinguished building, the brick string courses and the deep cornice band being the sole redeeming features, not helped by the obtrusively deep fascia and lettering. The character of the façade facing Pembroke Road is similar and with the rather ‘chopped-off’ end to the row of buildings opposite, does not create an effective and satisfying entry to the High Street from the north.

Importance: C/D

Included in previous survey.

1981 survey

143 High Street w