Town Survey Update 1998/2001

London Road West: Sheet six

Building: The Post Office Photo: A19A


Northern section of Royal Crown Hotel retained and used as car park until building of main Post Office in 1970.

Current Use:

post office A19A

Main town Post Office.


Undistinguished two storey framed building with brick and window panels to first floor. Ground floor glazed and panelled raised level above varied adjacent pavings with railing on rustic stone and steps. L-shaped with wings at right angles to London Road and South Park, a ramp up from the latter.

Shallow pitch metal roof turned down to top of first floor windows and panels.


Undistinguished building in prominent position but rest of complex in South Park vastly out-of-scale with surroundings. Space in front of building has townscape value.

Importance: C/D

Not included in previous survey.