Lodges info CBook: Sevenoaks Forgotten Past: Lodges and Coach Houses, by Geraldine Tucker and Elizabeth Purves.

The book is available at the Society meetings at St Luke’s hall, Eardley Road, Sevenoaks. The book is available from Sevenoaks Bookshop at the special price of £10.










all covers walking books dVolumes 1 to 7 at £4 each - any 4 direct from the Society for £12 - all 7 for £20





 Country Walks Around Sevenoaks

Volume 7 of the Sevenoaks Society walking guides has now been completed. This is the last volume that I will produce, not because I am hanging up my boots, but because I have run out of footpaths. As with the previous volumes there are eleven walks; they are numbered from 67 to 77. They cover a wide area from Hodsoll Street in the north to Hartfield in the south. They are between four and seven miles long and pass through some wonderful countryside. Although I did the legwork and drafted the directions, the artwork and design was down to Victoria Granville Baxter. The concept of producing separate cards for each walk and putting them in a folder followed the system devised by Rowland Oakeley nearly fifty years ago, but Victoria and our printers have brought the concept into the 21st Century and produced what I believe (I may be somewhat biased) are the greatest set of walking guides ever.

                                                                                           Nick White                

Copies are available from Sevenoaks Bookshop, Up & Running, Ide Hill Community Shop or directly from Sevenoaks Society 


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The Remarkable Trees of Sevenoaks Exhibition: Souvenir Bookletssjan151c 150x150

This is now out of print. 





sevsecbooks1Jane Edwards 1792 – 1868 Her Recollections of Old Sevenoaks.

A reproduction in her own handwriting of a conversation which describes the small country town of Sevenoaks in the first half of the 19th century (171pp). Price £2.00








 Sir John Dunlop’s History Notes

These illustrated notes were used in the publication of Sir John Dunlop’s Pleasant Town of Sevenoaks, now out of print (65pp). Price £2.00


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