Town Survey Update 1998/2001:

The Shambles: Sheet three

Building(s): The Shambles Lane. No photo


This survey’s normal approach of describing individual buildings cannot be applied to the small but complex buildings that border the lane leading from Bank Street into the open courtyard of The Shambles. Problems are increased by the difficulty in taking photographs in the cramped confines of the lane. We therefore deal with the complex in one entry.

The Eastern, High Street, side of the lane contains Calamus in a distinct small building to the south of Coffee Call (and window into rear of Mobile Phone Centre, no. 95 High Street).

The Western, London Road, side of the lane contains the main entrance to Lamberts solicitors (No 1) and Cavendish Properties (No 2), property management.

This lane is one of the oldest roads in Sevenoaks and served the butchers’ area indicated by the term “Shambles”.

Calamus is a very early house or shop. It is mainly timber framed with crown post truss and collar purlin dating from 1450. One interesting current feature is that the exterior has recently been painted in 18th century style including the date of 1450. This is an early and important building.

On the western side, the buildings were originally three small houses. Current structures date largely from about 1800, but the building lines almost certainly preserve the medieval street pattern. A bow window which formerly served as a shop front remains next to the main entrance of Lamberts, and there is a small courtyard with modern door serving the present buildings but probably with an older origin. The brickwork is of excellent quality and there is evidence of timbering visible in small areas.

Importance: A

Not included in previous survey