Edwards hoardingsPlanning permission was sought to enable the temporary use of this site as a car park for three years. We objected to the proposal on the grounds of the traffic impact which vehicles entering and leaving a car park at this already difficult junction would cause. The area is part of an air quality management zone and this proposal would lead to increased levels of pollution. Furthermore, permission for a three year temporary use would cause even more delay in bringing forward the site for suitable long term development. The application was subsequently refused.

The Society is often approached by local residents or their Associations and other concerned bodies and persons regarding proposed developments affecting private residences. The Society monitors the weekly list of planning applications and whilst in general we try to keep out of neighbour disputes, we may well become involved in commenting upon or objecting to, a proposal where we believe there is a public interest concern. This may arise where a proposal involves inappropriate development, the alteration or demolition of a listed or locally listed building or where a proposal creates an adverse impact on the setting of such a building or conservation area. As with all schemes, we will also consider whether the proposed design is consistent with the character of the area, notable trees and open spaces may be affected, or there are significant traffic implications.