Trinity SchoolTrinity School has submitted a planning application to permit the school to expand its capacity so that it can take in an additional two forms at entry over, and above its current numbers. We have no objection to the expansion proposals but we do have concerns about the transport implications.

After  the  proposals  are  implemented  and  both Trinity and Weald of Kent  are at  capacity  in  2023/4  the  total  number  of  pupils  on  the  campus  would  number  2,400  whereas  the  number  currently  on  site  is  780  ie  just  less  than  one  third.  We asked that there be a  condition  attaching  to  the  planning  permission  requiring  the  school  to  produce  a  green  transport  plan  which  would promote walking, cycling and use of public transport; restrict  car  borne  arrivals  to  all  but  essential  cases  and  ensure  effective  staggering  of  hours  within  Trinity  and  between  Trinity  and  Weald of Kent.