Regrettably permission was given on written appeal for the latest application to go ahead (March 2015). The Society had written to the Planning Inspectorate at Bristol strongly objecting to the most recent proposals to build two six-storey blocks of flats on the site of the Farmers pub opposite the station on London Road, as being over-dense, poorly designed and inappropriate for this sensitive location, with inadequate parking and insufficient affordable housing.

The government inspector, in over-ruling SDC’s decision to refuse permission, sided with the developers in taking the view that, given the towers on Tubs Hill, the Railway and Bicycle development and the building at 160 London Road, the proposal was appropriate. Many people, of course, regret the arrival of those three buildings and do not want another to close in the station area completely.

This is a major gateway to the town and any development should have taken full account of this. The picture shows an artist’s impression of what people will see as they approach Sevenoaks from the north when the scheme is completed.

Click here to view The Society’s Position Statement on this development and the inspector’s decision.

The pub was demolished in 2007. This photograph taken in April 2012 shows the derelict site and the construction of the flats on the site of the former Railway and Bicycle pub opposite.