Buckhurst car parkThe 2016 proposal

A new proposal for a tiered car park on the Buckhurst 2 site has been approved.

The new plan involves excavating the site to reduce the overall height and is accompanied by some residential development to the south of the site.

The 2014 proposal

After widespread criticism and many objections, the controversial planning application for the proposed three-storey structure in Buckhurst 2 was withdrawn by Sevenoaks District Council in October 2014. Although The Society accepts the need for more long-term parking in the town, we had objected strongly to the scheme, being critical of its location and poor design, the implications for traffic-flow, the failure to consider other options and the haste with which the project had been pushed through.

Knole Estate, The National Trust and The Sevenoaks Conservation Council had also objected on the grounds of its detrimental impact on the landscape and proximity to Knole Park.

The application was withdrawn after Kent County Council refused to support the scheme, their Highways officers expressing “grave concerns” about the impact it would have on traffic in the town, especially at the junction of the High Street and Suffolk way – already a bottleneck. The costs of preparing the plans for the car park are quoted as being a little over £200,000.

The Society will continue to monitor the situation very closely.

Click here to read KCC’s report: Multi-storey Car Park KCC Report