The Society welcomed the application to build a new Marks and Spencer store on the Blighs Meadow/London Road site, but had significant concerns regarding the design, impact on townscape and implications for parking and traffic. Click here to read the Society’s letter.

Marks and SpencerThe store under construction in May 2014

The application was enthusiastically approved by SDC in December 2012 but with a large number of conditions imposed on the biggest development in town for over 30 years. Planning consent was given for the new store and 22 new apartments at the junction of London Road and Pembroke Road. Demolition of the ugly building formerly housing.

The Depot started in June when the developer Reef Estates took over the site, which was handed over to Marks and Spencer in April 2014 and opened that October.
The Society kept a watchful eye on compliance with the conditions which were imposed. We were pleased to see that the ragstone removed on the London Road frontage has been reused, and pedestrian access provided via new steps.

We also noted that a pedestrian pathway had been created from opposite Robert Dyers, suitably protected from over-lapping car bumpers (an occasional impediment elsewhere).