Land north of Bouchier Close, Sevenoaks. Application to build a new care home (SE/11/01878/FUL)

Thanks to the diligence of neighbours and members, the Society was alerted to the resurrection of this dormant application, first made in July 2011. The application was refused by SDC in June 2013. There had been a large number of objections and determined opposition from residents, and it was resoundingly rejected by the Development Control Committee.


The Society had made comprehensive representations in August 2011 and asked that the application be refused. The principal points of objection were that:

  • the development was overly obtrusive in the valley particularly when viewed from the west.
  • the combination of traffic movements both from the development itself but also from the church car park created a unacceptable disruption and nuisance on Bourchier Close, The Dene and Oak Lane.

The amended application, before the Council in August 2012, did not mitigate those concerns and the Society responded continuing its objections to the proposals, which were again refused.

The application was sent to appeal and was granted with conditions in 2014. These conditions are currently being addressed through the planning process. (As with all developments where conditions apply, work cannot commence until the conditions are demonstrably met in submitted supplementary planning applications for each one).

The Society will continue to monitor the situation, including adherence to the conditions and the impact of the development.

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