Planning  application  by Acorus Rural Property Services, acting as agents for Enduro Kent and the landowner.

The application submitted to Sevenoaks District Council to hold off-road motor-cycle eventson Beechmont Bank, Riverhill was refused for the second time in July 2012.

The Society had objected to both the original 2011 application (refused in September 2011) and the resubmission, through the both chairman and the Footpaths Section. SDC’s planning officer’s report recognised the Society’s concerns – along with those of many other individuals and bodies, especially those with responsibility for  the protection of the environment and  countryside, such as CPRE, English Heritage, Kent Wildlife Trust, Kent Downs AONB Unit and the local authorities.

The reasons for refusal of the application were cited in that report and the official SDC letter dated 3 July 2012. They are the same reasons as given previously, and  confirm that the proposed development would cause:

  • Significant harm to the amenities enjoyed by neighbouring and local residents by way of Intrusive noise disturbance,  dust and fumes
  • Significant disturbance to users of the Greensand Public Right of Way and harm to the character and enjoyment of the countryside and Kent Downs AONB
  • Potential harm to biodiversity conservation interests
  • On-going harm to protected trees of significant amenity value
  • Harm to the setting, character and enjoyment of Riverhill House Gardens.

The officer’s report concluded that “For the reasons stated above, the proposal continues to be in conflict with the Development Plan. The harm identified is not outweighed by other material considerations”.

To read the Society’s main response to the application, click here.

This is the link for access to details of the decision and the relevant Council documents.