Wilderness estateDorton House, formerly owned by the Royal London Society for the Blind, was sold in 2013. Since then we have been closely monitoring the proposals to develop retirement residences on the Wildernesse estate around the house and to build new properties on the existing site on the other side of Wildernesse Avenue. With regard to the latter, although the new buildings will be in the Green Belt there was an initial agreement with SDC many years ago that that land could be developed, but any new development must not extend beyond the footing of the existing buildings.

Around the house itself, some of the proposals are desirable removals of earlier unsuitable additions. However the proposal which has caused most concern is the area approached by Dorton Drive, and the Wildernesse Avenue and Woodland Drive residents have written objecting to that, with our support when required.

The Society also stressed to SDC the importance of ensuring that the various historic trees on the site are fully protected, and we are keeping a close eye on the actions taken to safeguard them.