An important project for The Society was the creation of an approved record of buildings that are not included in a national listing (ie listed by English Heritage as Grade 1 or 2) but are significant locally. The Society worked with Sevenoaks District Council (SDC) to identify such buildings, assess their importance, research their history and have them officially recorded in a “Local List”. Once included a building’s existence in that list will become a material planning consideration if a planning application affecting that building is made, and so the building is afforded a degree of protection.

Buildings identified as contenders were considered by a selection panel which included representatives from English Heritage, Kent County Council, SDC, a local historian and a local architect for consideration in the final list. Even if buildings were not selected for inclusion on the local list, the on-going research provided a wealth of information about the significant buildings in the different areas of our town and will be made accessible through this web-site.

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