layer4Oak End, Upper High StreetIn addition to the more recent work on the Local List, over the past 30 years The Society has being conducting a detailed survey to record the features and history of the buildings in the town centre. Images and data drawn from all phases of the survey are accessible from this web-page (click here),and provide a fascinating record of this part of town and the nature and history of the streets, lanes and buildings within it.

Recent years have seen significant and sometimes controversial changes to the town centre, most notably with the creation of the Blighs development, and in 2014 the coming of the large Marks and Spencer store.

In order to secure a record before the spate of developments affecting London Road, in 2013 The Society made a video of its entire length.

Information about other parts of our town and its notable buildings and architects can be found in past editions of our Newsletter.

The Society’s Town Trail, “Sevenoaks Walkabout”, produced by the late Ian Abbott, is now out of print.

The Town Council’s Millennium Walk provides a heritage trail that links 15 historic buildings to the famous people associated with them. Look out for the plaques set in the pavement, as well as various other plaques on buildings in the town.