all covers walking books dThe Society has published seven walks booklets:

Country Walks Around Sevenoaks: Volumes 1 to 7

Volume 7 of the Sevenoaks Society walking guides has now been completed. This is the last volume that I will produce, not because I am hanging up my boots, but because I have run out of footpaths.

As with the previous volumes there are eleven walks; they are numbered from 67 to 77. They cover a wide area from Hodsoll Street in the north to Hartfield in the south. They are between four and seven miles long and pass through some wonderful countryside.

Although I did the legwork and drafted the directions, the artwork and design was down to Victoria Granville Baxter. The concept of producing separate cards for each walk and putting them in a folder followed the system devised by Rowland Oakeley nearly fifty years ago, but Victoria and our printers have brought the concept into the 21st Century and produced what I believe (I may be somewhat biased) are the greatest set of walking guides ever.

                                                                                   Nick White               May 2019

There are 11 walks in each pack, varying in length from 3 1/2 to 6 miles, Priced at £4.00 each

All volumes are available at the regular meetings of Sevenoaks Society (at a special price) as well as at Sevenoaks Bookshop and the Ide Hill Community Shop, or order by email to


Walkers’ Guides

Also available on this web-site are two Walker’s Guides. The first covers the walk from Wrotham to Trottiscliffe and on to the Coldrum Stones, returning along the North Downs.

The second is a circular walk from Hever, following  part of the valley of the Eden. To view the guides, follow these links: