Town Survey Update 1998/2001:

Well Court: Sheet five

Building(s): 1-4 Photo(s): F20 & 21


Formerly Gerrards, Pizza Town and then fish restaurant.

Current Use:

well court F20

well court F21

Harvey’s men’s clothing shop (previously Gerrards)Ginseng Restaurant (formerly Pizza Town and then fish restaurant).


This little square opening off Bank Street is a pleasant part of The Shambles area. The worn stone random setts, red acer tree, black and white paintwork and generally pristine appearance are attractive elements. Outdoor seating for the restaurant works well in the summer months.The backs of 1-9 Bank Street are particularly interesting with original horizontally sliding sashes and evidence of timbering.


A modestly attractive unlisted building which turns the internal corner neatly and has continuous roof, eaves and fascia. Matching timber sash windows. All in good condition.

Importance: B

Not included in previous survey